Steps To Take After Losing A High Producing Employee

Have you noticed your retail pharmacy is slipping into a slum? The sales records have drastically reduced. One of the major challenges one have with running a business is the fact that those businesses need constant reawakening to maintain their productivity level. Retail pharmacies have a high tendency of losing relevance and sales percentage.

More often than not, the owners of these pharmacies lose hope and prefer to start up another pharmacy somewhere else or just give up totally. This shouldn’t be so. Just like it is with human beings, there are moments of downs and you can actually work your way out of it. In case you find your pharmacy in this sort of slum, here are some helpful tips on ways you can pull yourself out of the slum

  • Give your staff a pep talk: it is very important you and all your staff are on the same page. Call a meeting with your staff and in the meeting, here them out. Believe me, your staff has ideas and also holds an important opinion about the pharmacy. Get to know what they think about the pharmacy, let them know the current state of the pharmacy, let them know your vision for the pharmacy and listen to what they have to say. Bringing them up to date with these information will help get you all on the same page and work together as a team towards pulling the pharmacy out of the slum.
  • Give your customer something extra: everybody loves an extra they don’t pay for. This is a very good way to ensuring you get more patronage. The extra here could be anything that they see as extra value, ranging from a little extra in measurements, discounts, to a promotional give away, free checkup for customers. Yes, you heard me; you can organize a free medical check-up session for your customers and host community. This will work in two ways: one, get people to visit your pharmacy to get free checkup and also to buy drugs from the doctor’s prescription after the check-up. Two, it will put your pharmacy in the good books of the people and they most surely will want to patronize you better knowing you are not just interested in making profits but in also giving back something extra of value to your customer.
  • Work on your pricing: one thing that can shoot up or shoot down your store is the price of what you sell. Try to revisit your price and see what you can cut off it. People tend to look for places where things are relatively less expensive. However, you should never sacrifice this on the altar of quality. The whole idea is to selling the best quality at the cheapest price possible.
  • Build a relationship with your customer: Meet your customers and talk to them. Find out their personal opinion about your store can help you serve them better and once they are getting their choice service from you, your pharmacy will rise out of the slum. You can also ask for suggestions from the customers on what they think you can do better to serve them right. This makes them feel more at home with you; remember, you need them to feel like a part of the business.

Do all these and watch your retail pharmacy work itself out of the slum and into a successful family name business.

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