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STYR.24 Fitness Platform

STYR.24 – fitness platform including STYR SHYFT Activity Tracker, STYR PHYSQ Smart Scale and STYR LIQYD Connected Bottle – all working together with the STYR Labs app on your smart phone.

ACTIVITY TRACKER – Smart activity band with LED touchscreen that tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, time active and percentage of step goal achieved. Delivers important behavior insights to the STYR app. Water resistant, slim, comfortable and easy to wear.

SMART SCALE – Sleek, modern, smart body weight and body composition scale with large LED display that uses bioelectrical impedance to measure weight, body fat percentage, BMI, visceral fat percentage, bone mass density, and body water content. Wirelessly syncs with the mobile app to log through your smart phone.

CONNECTED BOTTLE (hydration tracker) – Tracks your water consumption and displays the percentage of your water goal you’ve consumed, continuously adjusting your goals based on environmental conditions and your personal data. The water icon on the screen reminds you when to drink.

iOS and ANDROID APP – One app to track your motion, sleep, nutrition, hydration, and mood. The app leverages your motion, biometric data, diet, and lifestyle to generate insights and create science-based nutritional product recommendations (min. requirements. Android 5.0 or later, iOS 8.0 or later).

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