The Impact Mobile Technology Development May Have On Your Business

The impact of mobile technology on independent pharmacy retailers and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole cannot be overemphasized. As an independent pharmacist, you require the help of technology to help you with tasks that might come across as challenging and the use of technology in completing tasks and getting things done is bound to have a positive impact on your business. Technology has had impacts of million of businesses around and retail pharmacy isn’t excluded. There are many ways for an independent pharmacist to benefit from the development of mobile technology and the impact it can have on the business.

Mobile technology development will make a pharmacist’s work routine more efficient and yielding because it makes tasks that are considered monotonous and repetitive easier to conduct with consistency and accuracy. The development of mobile technology might make the work of an independent pharmacist easier in areas such as making it possible to have a structured storage of patient’s records, makes it easy for a retail pharmacy to do electronic prescribing to patients, administering of medicines to patients and also giving a retail pharmacy the opportunity to be able to monitor the efficacy and safety of medicines being administered to patients.

The use of mobile technology which can also be referred to as information technology will also impact independent pharmacy in the sense that it helps improve patients’ safety and also make it possible for a retail pharmacy to engage the services of professionals in ensuring that patients are provided with the highest quality of care within their capacities. Mobile technology development will impact the business of retail pharmacy by making it easier for independent pharmacists to monitor medical adherence hereby ensuring that patients make the most use of their medicines and follow their prescriptions as they are expected to.

The development of mobile technology might also impact on your business as an independent pharmacist because, the smooth running of the pharmacy can be ensured by using mobile technology as a tool for mass customization which makes it possible for a pharmacist to provide his services to a large and diverse population people with ease. Although many pharmacists are already using mobile technology systems to support their daily workload, many other pharmacists have not realized how well to utilize this tool. Mobile technology can be used in a retail pharmacy to do a number of things more efficiently and some of these include;

  • Electronic Prescribing: The use of electronic prescribing systems enables a pharmacist the opportunity to prescribe, supply and administer medicines to patients automatically hereby; reducing the rate of medication error and also improving patient’s safety. However, a poorly implemented system can do just the opposite of what it is intended for.


  • Mobile Technology: Many pharmacies now make use of the mobile phone to alert patients of repeat medicine prescriptions and pharmacy apps have also been developed to monitor disease in patients.


  • Adherence monitoring: Different technologies now make it possible for retail pharmacies to monitor how patients use medicines prescribed to them, and the possible side effects of medicines on patients.

The development of mobile technology can impact on business as an independent pharmacist in so many ways, which are bound to result in the smooth and efficient running of business in a retail pharma.

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