The Secrets To A Balanced Work And Family Life

YES! You finally get the call you have been anticipating, you were asked to resume work at a pharmacy the following week. You think to yourself no more wasted days sleeping and watching tv, “I finally have a job.” A month into the new job as one of the technicians in the pharmacy and the enthusiasm has been sucked out of you like a baby taking a juice pack. You hardly get enough sleep, your boss complains of your workflow and to top it all off you hardly have time for your friends. Many pharmacists are in this predicament, that once found joy on waking up to go to work is no longer present with the constant barrage of responsibilities at home, work even in the church, you begin to wonder how do you cope. This cycle of things can hamper your progress at the job you first loved and can be detrimental to your health and state of mind.

To eliminate the threat of losing your job in the end, there are some tips that can help you balance your job as a pharmacist and maintain a descent family life without one interfering with the other. Here are five secrets to getting you a balanced work and family life.

As an independent retail owner or an employee it is important to note that time is an essential factor. Therefore, create a schedule or a plan for the day to help visualize all that you can achieve for a particular day. Planning out your day will help you manage your time, which will increase your productivity. Being productive at work will afford you the luxury of attending to matters outside of the pharmacy since your tasks have been completed on time. You can delegate duties to others as an owner but as much as planning your day goes you should be punctual to work.

You might want to impress your new boss by taking on responsibilities but too much responsibilities puts you at a disadvantage. Stick to what you do and do them very well, you can assist others but do not take so much that you cannot handle. As a business owner, you should not be afraid to say no. You do not have to attend all the conferences or speak at every occasion, have representatives that can speak on your behalf to make your life easier.

There is no time that says dedication to your work means no social life, well I know people who believe this. However, this should not be the case enjoy your social life. Take time out to plan weekly activities with family and friends, go out to dinner, catch a new blockbuster in the cinema, take that very special person on a date but do not neglect your social life. Be in tune with every aspect of your life and make good memories.

Taking breaks at work is one important secret in balancing work and family life. You need time to cool off after attending to so many patients in such a small amount of time. I hear people say they don’t take breaks and I wonder when they find time to eat or take a cup of water or even reflect on some aspects of your day. These three are very essential in our day-to-day activities especially in a hectic business environment such as the pharmacy.

This particular tip has helped me and I consider it to be one of the most important secrets to know in order to maintain healthy work and family life. Find time for your family. Your personal life is very essential for your survival at work, imagine you losing a valuable relationship all because there was no time for that person, won’t you feel miserable when you get back to the place that made you lose that relationship? Make your personal life a priority without allowing it interfere with your love for the job.

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