Top 3 Pharmacy Distributors

Building a distributor-retailer relationship is essential because it makes the process of getting authentic products easier. Therefore, having the right knowledge about top pharmacy independent distributors will be instrumental to establishing a positive relationship, which can help improve sales, especially if you aim to boost sales for your pharmacy retail business.

With proper consideration for what you stand to gain, we have put together a list of 5 top pharmacy independent distributors to help positively impact your selling point by dealing with only high-quality pharmaceutical products.


Mckesson corporation is one of the most influential providers of pharmaceutical products and medicines in the United States. It also deals with the supply of high-quality health information technology products and services. It has centrally adopted a focus within its listed domains and is made up of several departments under either distribution or technology. Interestingly, it has, over the years, delivered pharmaceutical products to other retail pharmacies, hospitals, and medical facilities in the United States, and you can join the domain of retailers by establishing a working relationship.

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a company with a diverse focus. However, it ranks as a top pharmacy independent distributor because it has a multipurpose Optum unit that provides pharmaceutical benefits and provides health services to the populace while also focusing on data analytics.

CuraScript Specialty Distribution

Another top pharmacy independent distributor you can explore is CuraScript Specialty distribution. It provides efficient distribution of pharmaceutical products such as branded drugs, vaccines, infused medications, ancillary supportive care, and a host of others and medical supplies to provide essential therapies and customized business solutions to its customers.

Honorable Mentions


AmerisourceBergen is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler that essentially distributes FDA-endorsed pharmaceutical products. It is a pharmacy distributor with a large customer base of retailers and continually records large sales of pricey cancer drugs. It also provides efficient distribution of pharmaceutical products such as infused medications, branded drugs, vaccines, and a host of others.

Independent Pharmacy Distributor, LLC

Located in Lexington, NC, United States, Independent Pharmacy distributor is a company that is part of the drug wholesale industry. It specializes in the distribution of both durable and nondurable products in their entirety. However, its pharmaceutical arm is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler that distributes FDA-endorsed generic, over-the-counter, and generic products. It services a wide range of customers such as retail pharmacies, retail chains, and hospitals.


From this curated list of top pharmacy independent distributors, you can get yourself acquainted with the pharmaceutical company that whets your appetite and positions itself to satisfy your need. Remember, building a retail pharmaceutical business requires effort and funds and a good independent distributor that can supply you with the caliber of products needed to serve your customers well. You can explore options that even exist outside this list. Give your best wholly to the business and best of luck!