Top 3 Pharmacy Independent Retailers

As we recover from the soul snatching and economic shattering grip of the COVID19 pandemic with a sense of triumph and appreciation for the sacred gift of life, we must analyze the top pharmacy independent retailer in the US. Suppose there is one thing everyone has learned from the pandemic. In that case, it is the importance of independent pharmacy retailers in providing health-related services during an emergency when the hospitals are stretched above their optimum limit and the health sector is in chaos. 

Here is the top 3 pharmacies independent retailer in the land of the free.

Xpress Lane Pharmacy

Customer satisfaction is at the core of this independent pharmacy retail store. Xpress lane pharmacy has a well stock inventory of pharmaceutical products and equipment to cater to diverse customer needs. Customers need not visit any of the pharmacy’s physical stores and endure long queues to place orders. Orders can be placed online through their user-friendly website. 

Xpress Lane Pharmacy is a perfect combination of online pharmacy retail and brick and mortal kind of operation. Apart from medications, customers can buy items like antiseptic cleanser, health supplements, and clinically proven herbal supplements and drugs. One of the downsides of Xpress Lane Pharmacy is its limited areas of service, which are restricted to New York and New Jersey. 

Other premium services offered include free delivery, counseling service, travel vaccines, compounding, surgical supplies, and specialty vitamins. A combination of customer-friendly services at pocket-friendly prices secures Xpress Lane pharmacy a top spot in our list of top pharmacy independent retailers.

Town and Country Pharmacy

Firmly rooted in the Maplewood community for over four decades, Town and Country Pharmacy is the brainchild of Sashi Dondapati, widely known for his resilience and top-notch management skills, which have continued to ensure survival of the Town and Country independent pharmacy retail store for decades. The store caters not only to the native Maplewood community but also caters for the Russian and Spanish communities by offering pharmaceutical services in Spanish and Russian. Some of its services include vaccinations, home delivery, prescription refills, and transfers, etc.

REX Pharmacy

Located in Atlantic, Iowa, Rex pharmacy is an innovative, customer-oriented independent pharmacy retail. Its services can be easily accessed through its mobile app or website. Its innovative RexPaks system organizes customer prescriptions into well-labeled pouches showing the specific time a medication should be taken. Its user-friendly app features a patient portal where patients can access a wide range of services. 

Rex Pharmacy offers free delivery on products, medication synchronization, vaccination services, and erectile dysfunction meds to ignite the flame of passion under the bedsheets.


Research shows that the independent pharmacy retail sector of the retail industry has continued to grow despite facing fierce competition from industry giants. To swim the high tide and escape bankruptcy, our top pharmacy independent retailers have developed a top-notch innovative approach to providing solutions to customers. This will ensure their survival in the shark-infested water of the American pharmaceutical industry.