Top Retail Pharmacy Blogs

And This is How YOU Can Take Advantage

It’s important for retail pharmacies to have a sleuth of resources from all corners, online and offline, that could provide information about market trends, important updates on drugs and even the new tools for potential success within your niche. With that, we’ve provided for you some retail pharmacy blogs that could give you some powerful useful insight into this niche.

Med Ed 101- Inter-Professional Medication EducationGreat for some ‘free’ education. Case studies, BCPS information, and so many other resources.

The Honest ApothecaryGives a special look at the retail profession and covers so much more than prescription drugs.

The Digital ApothecaryFor all things pharmacy and digital, get to know the latest in retail pharmacy.

The Blonde PharmacistProvides lots of BCPS resources for those readers seeking more information regarding BCPS or passing its exam. It also covers career topics.

Pharm.D Mallory: If you’re in pharmacy school or looking for more information on pharmacy, then this is surely the blog for you.

Your Thyroid PharmacistOffers lots of medical information from tips, to hacks, too resources, and even living with Hashimoto’s disease.

Pharmacist JamieGreat suggestions for real-life pharmacy, creativity, and patient service.

The Pharmacist BlogFor resources, school related topics, finances, and even goals.

Therapeutics Education CollaborationVery focused on rational drug therapy.

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