Ways to Rejuvenate on the Weekend

Many business owners find themselves working weekdays and weekends just to make sure their business does not fail or crash. They are always moving from one business meeting to another, from one business trip to another, at the end of the day, they have little or no time to rejuvenate

As the owner of a retail pharmacy, the week leaves you exhausted and all fatigued. Running a pharmacy is a big deal and needs constant monitoring to ensure your pharmacy doesn’t slip into a slum. You also need to ensure you get the original medications and getting your license to sell some of these medications can leave you exhausted.  This exhaustion should not be accumulated, thus the need to rejuvenate over the weekend. Weekends are for you to refresh yourself and rejuvenate. Also, to ensure you begin your week refreshed. As a pharmacist, there are some helpful tips to help you rejuvenate over the weekend.

  • Plan to rejuvenate: You only achieve what you plan to achieve. On Friday before you leave work, make a plan for your weekend. Plan to have fun. Plan to really rejuvenate over the weekend. This will help really you and your mind to stay off work.
  • Switch on “weekend mode”: The next thing to ensure you own your weekend and you actually rejuvenate is switching off your “pharmacist mode” and switching on your “weekend mode” (fun mode). If you are not ready to do this, trust me, your weekend will be pretty much the same as your week. Rejuvenating over the weekend begins by disconnecting totally from work. Do not carry anything from work into your weekend. In fact, I will advise you switch off your office line and don’t open your official email. The keyword here is DISCONNECT.
  • Do something you enjoy: It’s time to have some fun! You know things you do to have fun, and that let you unwind. Go out to do something you really enjoy doing. This could be time to see the latest movie, hang out with friends, go on a romantic date, go fishing etc. this will get you relaxed and refreshed. It gives you new experiences and grounds for creativity at work.
  • Exercise: As a pharmacist, I expect you to know that the extra sweat could be sweet. On your mission to rejuvenate over the weekend, it is very important you do some exercise to let out some sweat. The gist here is, you sweat out your stress and sluggishness from the stressful daunting hours spent at work. This activity is outside your normal daily routine.
  • Family bond time: You will never know how refreshing a time well spent with the family can be to. A little weekend vacation with the family can go a long way in refreshing you and making you ready for the week ahead. At this point, see yourself as a family man and not the owner of a retail pharmacy. Let your family enjoy your time and the see the fun side of you. Don’t forget to jump in the pool
  • Sleep: In as much you want to spend time with your family, exercise and do something you enjoy, it is very important to sleep. Sleep. I remember walking into a pharmacy down my block and met the owner, after engaging in a short conversation about my health, he ended with “make sure you get enough sleep”. It does more magic than the greatest magician. Never forget to SLEEP. It makes your rejuvenation complete.

After doing all these, I bet you will start your week at the pharmacy refreshed and rejuvenated.

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