Working With Millenial Employees In A Retail Pharmacy

Millennial employees are changing the perspectives with which people view businesses and independent pharmacies are not excluded from these businesses. Working with a millennial as an independent pharmacist or someone with a retail pharmacy requires that you learn and have an idea of how to treat and relate with the millennial employees at work. There are different factors that influence the decisions of millennial employees on whether they are satisfied with their current jobs and if they should keep it. Once you recognize and utilize these factors, it becomes very easy to work with and keep the millennial employees at your pharmacy. The Generation X, also referred to as millennial generation has been forecasted to provide more healthcare services in the years to come and for this; you must know what the millennial pharmacy entails and how to work with millennial employees to achieve a maximum level of efficiency and satisfaction at work. Factors that affect working with the millennials are;

  • Leadership Skills Development: The Generation X or the millennial generation is known for their interest in utilizing any opportunity to develop their leadership skills in order to advance in their careers and later assume management roles. Considering this, working with millennial employees as an independent pharmacist require that you provide enough training and support to these employees so as to help them improve on their leadership abilities and support them to become efficient leaders. The inability to do this for them might make them not see value in the business, hereby letting efficiency suffer. You must encourage millennials working under you in your retail pharmacy to take on leadership roles and help them improve on their skills.
  • Mentor Availability: As someone who is working with millennial employees in a pharmacy, it is good to consider serving as a mentor or making a mentor available to them at work. Millennial employees value having a mentor at work because it increases their satisfaction in their work and make it less likely for them to quit. So, you must learn to create a form of mentorship connection between yourself or another exemplary colleague and the younger employees at work. For this to be successful, ensure that the mentor is someone millennial employees can actually look up to in terms of experience, knowledge or both.
  • Supportive Work Environment: Working with millennials in a retail pharmacy requires establishing a supportive work environment that inspires creativity and foster communication. You must inspire your millennial employees to be creative and also encourage them by listening to their ideas at work and giving them support whenever they need it. Ensure that the millennial staffs at your pharmacy are comfortable and give them every opportunity to express themselves.
  • Make Contributions to the Society: One thing millennial employees value and enjoy is working for a business that aims to make its own positive contribution to the society. It spurs them on to put in more effort at work and gives them the joy of knowing that as an employee, they are adding to the society in their own little way. Also, you must make the millennials feel involved in any contribution your pharmacy makes to the society. The more involved you make them feel, the less likely the chance they might quit the job.

These are just few of the factors that influence working with millennials employees in your retail pharmacy and ensuring efficiency and growth in business.

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